Founded in 1993, Spencer’s Mercantile is a leading supplier of finest quality historical reproduction goods. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the company is comprised of a storefront location, a travelling store that participates in historical re-enactments, conventions, and other events, a web and mail order operation, an event management division, and a teaching division offering classes and workshops in period arts.

We are dedicated to supplying the most accurate and finest quality period reproduction items covering the time period of approximately 1740 to 1920, including items for the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Regency – Jane Austen period, as well as items for the late Victorian – Edwardian – World War I period and Steampunk. Recently, several things well suited to the WWII period have also found their way onto our shelves. In addition, the store’s retail location houses an intriguing mixture of unusual giftware, cards, and the like.


Photo courtesy of Carol Wakefield
Susan (“Sioux”) Spencer, Proprietress
Susan can’t remember when history was not an important part of her life. Thrust into sewing at an early age by a mother frustrated by constant “borrowings” of garments from her closet — which garments usually ended up as portions of costumes — Susan took her first “1st prize” in historical costuming at age seven and never looked back. An eager participant in Edmonton’s annual “Klondike Days” 1890s festival from the time she could toddle, it surprised no one when she ended up working at Fort Edmonton in the late 1970s. There she cut her teeth in the business of making history interesting to the public. Life events caused a long professional hiatus from the world of things historical, but her passion for the subject led her back, and in 1993 she founded Spencer’s Mercantile. Usually found dashing off in at least seven different directions at once, she spends most of the summer months on the road throughout eastern North America. Over the winter, she can be found organizing events and conferences, teaching classes and workshops, wreaking havoc in the store’s back room, and plotting the next year’s travels, while trying desperately to get caught up on paperwork and occasionally even getting some sleep.