Available Lectures and Presentations

To War In Silk and High Heels: Canadian Nursing Sisters of World War 1

It is said that World War 1 was Canada’s coming of age as a nation. For the young women who volunteered to go overseas as nurses during the conflict, this was even more true. As … More >

Women in the War of 1812

What was it like to be a woman during the War of 1812? What would your life have been like? This presentation examines some of the many different roles and experiences of women during that … More >

Finicky Bits: Lost Arts Explained

This entertaining presentation grew out of our collection of truly odd — but useful — bits of information, many gleaned from research done while trying to complete our own widely varied projects. It covers such … More >

Finishing Touches: Regency Accessories

When fashion moves to simple, elegant lines, accessories become the focus of detail, variation, and customization. Nowhere in history is this more apparent than in the Regency period. From jewellery to shoes, from cravats to … More >

Fit and Finish: Getting Professional Fit From a Commercial Pattern

So who out there knows anyone who’s a perfect size 12, as produced in a garment sewn from a commercial pattern? Thought so — we don’t know anyone either! This how-to lecture-demo focuses on altering … More >

Pattern Drafting for Empire Dressing

This presentation is a condensation of our weekend workshop on pattern drafting for Empire styles into a lecture-demo format. Making an Empire dress that really fits can be difficult; making one that is flattering can … More >

Turbans, Topknots, and Hot Regency Head Fashions

A “how-to” adventure in tying and accessorizing turbans and other Regency headgear and accommodating modern hairstyles to a more period appearance, this presentation focuses on creating the proper Empire look above the shoulders. Included are … More >

Victorian Secrets for Today’s Seamstress

Generations of seamstresses have passed down sewing secrets, many of which are no longer in common usage today . . . but boy, are they clever! Some of the most useful can be found in … More >